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Four Immediate Openings at HP Education Fanon, Inc.

1. HPEF, the organization who brought you Nimbus – 2003, is in need of a designer for our website, and we'd like him or her to be one of our talented supporters. If you're interested, please send an email to designer @ (no spaces).

Include (as an attachment) an 800x600 JPG image of a mock-up of what you think our front page should look like. Candidates should ideally have an extensive knowledge of HTML, CSS and accessible design (see, and of course a deep and abiding love for Harry Potter. Membership in an internet standards organization (such as IETF, W3C, etc.) is a definite plus, but not required. Please include any other relevant qualifications with your submission, as well as anything else you think we should know about you.

We're looking for a design that integrates the themes and goals of our organization to: (i) foster study, appreciation, interpretation, discussion and debate of the Harry Potter novels; (ii) select sites and provide oversight and management of the planning of annual or periodic symposia for fans and scholars of the Harry Potter novels; (iii) educate the public about the benefits of reading. A removable logo design and a layout that captures the fun of the books and movies (illustrations and themes) is also a possibility. The look is up to you, but “open books” and “libraries” are two of the concepts we would like to see incorporated. The designer we choose will become part of the HPEF corporate team, spearhead our design, help integrate individual event pages, and be on hand to manage other changes/developments at HPEF. Submissions are due by May 31. Thank you in advance for your interest, and we're looking forward to seeing your concepts!

2. In addition, HPEF’s second event, The Witching Hour, seeks a volunteer with SQL and PHP expertise to help manage their web needs. If you are qualified and have approximately two to four hours a week to spend, please contact The Witching Hour as soon as possible via web @ (no spaces).

3. Finally, HPEF, Inc., once again finds itself in need of both a treasurer and an independent accountant.

For the position of Treasurer, HPEF seeks an accountant (preferred) or an individual with extensive experience in bookkeeping and familiarity with financial statements, Quickbooks and MS Excel. The Treasurer will be responsible for making bank deposits, writing checks, keeping the corporate checkbook via Quickbooks and coordinating records and funds with the event treasurer of each of HPEF's active planning committees. The Treasurer will also work with HPEF's independent accountant and its tax counsel as necessary. The Treasurer attends quarterly (and special) meetings of the HPEF Board of Directors and must prepare a quarterly report for the Board, and work with tax counsel to prepare annual returns. Interested applicants should submit a resume outlining their experience and interest to treasurer @ (no spaces).

The Accountant applicant will ideally be a CPA or else must have at least two years' accounting experience, familiarity with GAAP regulations, and be able to produce comprehensive financial reports. Experience in financial planning is a plus. The Accountant will work with the Treasurer and the Tax Counsel to review periodic financial statements and annual returns. The Accountant will be required to prepare and certify audited financial statements for HPEF in the near future. If you're interested, please submit a resume outlining your experience, qualifications and interest to us as soon as possible at treasurer @ (no spaces)

Please feel free to pass this along to anyone who might be interested.
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