heidi∞ (heidi8) wrote in hporlando,

My Nimbus - 2003 CDRom just arrived!

Please, let us know when you get yours, and post here with any comments about it (concrit, even, as it'll help with Future Stuff).

If you didn't get an email from us within the past two weeks asking for you to let us know if your address has changed since you registered,please email us at CDRom@hp2003.org and let us know if you want your free CDRom, or a $5.00-off coupon to use in purchasing the paperback or hardcover version of the proceedings from Amazon (they'll be available there within the next 2-3 weeks), or just post a reply here.

If you want to order an extra CD-Rom or if you didn't attend Nimbus - 2003 but want one anyway, CLICK HERE.
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