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Old post, new appearance

Due to some changes, we had to get rid of the very first post on this journal. I've made the changes and we're re-posting it now. It's a really old post, but here it is:

The following entries were deleted from this journal. Never fear! They return. There's nine of them going back to June 20.

2003-07-10 13:52:00; Win a Trip to England - Winner announced at Nimbus - 2003
Beyond Boundaries Travel, one of the merchants attending Nimbus – 2003,
will be announcing the winner of a trip to England for two, during the symposium. click here to enter!

2003-07-10 13:23:00; Shopping at Nimbus
Worry not; there will be a complete Marauder's Map of "Kumpulsive Alley" at Nimbus. But, just so you can get your galleons changed into US currency, below is a complete list of the fabulous merchants – purveyors of things magical & muggle, but NEVER mundane - who will be at Nimbus. I have provided web sites where available.

Alivan's, Master Wandmakers
Handcrafted Magic Wands and Wizard Brooms –
Imagine...the Magic!

The Amber Fox
Fine Amber & Silver Jewelry

Beyond Boundaries Travel
Travel for a New Generation
Enchanted Tours to England from King Arthur to Harry Potter

Borders Books & Music - Orlando
Purveyors of Things Published

Drachenstein Treasure's
Fine Jewelry

Harry Potter Wizard Store
aka HP Wizard Store
By far, the largest selection of licensed Harry Potter
merchandise in the known world
HP Wizard Store

Journeyman Leather
Custom-tailored leather garments, banners, pouches and jewelry
Journeyman Leather

The Lover's Knot
Gold, silver & leather hand woven jewelry

Madame Sebelle's
Quality Robes, Hats and Accessories for Witches and Wizards
She is the one who makes the Lucius Malfoy Cane!

Madge Elaine's World of Entertainment
Magic, Costumes & Novelties
Madge Elaine's

Morgan's Magegoods
offering an unmatched selection of
objects d'une nature occulte and eclectic arcania

Oat Lane Merchants
Purveyors of the finest in handmade wares

Order of Merlin
Harry Potter Merchandise and Wizard Supplies
Order of Merlin

Prometheus Books
Publisher: The Wisdom of Harry Potter.

Raymond's Quiet Press,
Suppliers of SCA, medieval jewelry, belt fittings
and drinking horns for 25 years.
Quiet Press

Thorny Rose
Custom Clothing
Thorny Rose

VisitBritain (formerly the British Tourist Authority)
The official national tourist office for the UK: England, Scotland,
Wales and Northern Ireland.

Whirlwood Magical Wands
Old World Wooden Wands
Authentic Harry Potter and Company Replica Wands
Whirlwood Wands

The Wizard School
Andrew Mayne
Wizard School

The Wizard's Wagon
Hats, Puppets, patches, jewelry and more
Wizard's Wagon

Happy Shopping!

Victoria Powers
Head Exhibitor Chaser
Department of Magical Commerce
Nimbus – 2003
530-685-6860 efax

2003-07-04 12:50:00; Celebrate FictionAlley's Second Birthday Party - two weeks from today!
On July 18, 2003, FictionAlley will be celebrating its second birthday during Nimbus - 2003!

Starting at 9pm and running until 1am at the Copa Banana at the Swan & Dolphin Hotel Complex, FictionAlley will be celebrating to the tunes of our own Nancy Malfoy at the deejay stand - plus there will be food and cake for all, as well as two themed drinks available at the (cash) bar.

The cover charge will be $10/person, and anyone over 14 is invited - but remember, the bartenders will be carding and nobody under 21 is allowed to purchase alcohol.

Registration for Nimbus - 2003 is encouraged but not required for attendence to the birthday bash.

Hope to see you there!

Heidi for FictionAlley

2003-07-03 10:24:00; Two weeks' Notice
No not the film (though I did just rent it the other night), Nimbus - 2003.

Two weeks away. Hard to believe.

We know we owe you information on the Night Bus, and more. It should be coming shortly. Meanwhile, though we wanted to send out our packing list reminders and make a few more announcements:

1. Nimbus - 2003 will be covered on the syndicated radio show, SciFiOverdrive, this Monday. Check out their website for a station or webstream near you:

2. The Switchblade Kittens have graciously offered to do an acoustic concert on Thursday night, after the MWPP panel. This girl-punk band is well-known in California and on the west coast, and will perform many of their favourites, including the "Ode to Harry Potter." Kick back and relax or practice your dance steps for Friday's FictionAlley Birthday Bash. (For more on the Switchblade Kittens, see their website: )

3. Our Quidditch rules are up on the site! There will be sign-up sheets in the game room when you arrive. Go to the "Gallery and Games" page on the site:

We can field up to six teams, and they are:
The San Juan Seagulls
The Orlando Ospreys
The Tampa Toucans
The Miami Macaws
The Cape Canaveral Kestrels
The Pensacola Pelicans

4. With the time to pack looming, we wanted to provide a cheat-sheet for your packing list. Be sure to bring all your stuff, including:
a. Worst HP Merchandise for Thursday night's contest
b. Your casting contest entries (for information on both these, check out the website: )

c. Your robes
d. Your wand
e. Your (stuffed) owl, cat, or toad (Remember, if you don't have your own Wizard Gear, you can buy some when you get there!)
f. Your dancing shoes (and a comfortable walking pair)
g. Your thinking caps - the quest will take you through brain teasers and more
h. Your PJ's for our Double-Feature party
i. A notepad for all the wonderful presentations you'll attend
j. Your camera or videocam to record the event and capture your friends at their best (or worst)
k. Your love of the books and your excitement for a great weekend!

2003-07-01 15:53:00; Gallery Submissions!
Reminder - This is the last day to submit proposed artwork to the gallery.

You can read the gallery submission guidelines here:

Also, remember that you have until Friday, July 4, to sign up for our two luncheons!

2003-06-27 10:34:00; Help our Head of Magical Law Enforcement out!
Want to be an Auror??

Apply here!

2003-06-25 10:46:00; A Word On Spoilers
In light of the request on HPFGU-Convention over the
evening/this morning, we wanted to say a word or two
about spoilers.

We know that everyone is going to be champing at the
bit to discuss the new book.

Consequently, if you know of someone who hasn't read
the book, or if you're coming from an area where the
book isn't available yet, please be very aware that
there WILL BE spoilers at the symposium. Many of our
presenters will be acknowledging or incorporating new
information in their presentations, most of us are
dying to talk about events and revelations with our
fellow fans, and above all, we are all of course
interested in "What now?"

So, buyer beware. If you haven't finished the book by
the time you arrive at Nimbus - 2003, please be
prepared to be spoiled.

On the other hand. All those of you who have read
the books, or will have done by the time we arrive,
please try to be considerate of those who may not have
been able to finish it before July 17. Some spoiling
is unavoidable, and we wouldn't want to impede the
useful discussion of the fifth book where it informs
the kinds of analyses we're conducting throughout the
weekend. But if someone tells you ahead of time that
they don't wish to be spoiled, please don't
deliberately spoil them.

Presenters, you might want to consider warning your
audience before you reveal Order of the Phoenix
information, either by holding Order of the Phoenix
comments and then saying, "Okay, now we're moving on
to Book 5. Anyone who doesn't want to know should
leave" or if your analysis cannot be separated that
easily, something like, "This presentation will draw
heavily from the fifth book; if you haven't read it or
you don't want to know about what's in it, you're in
the wrong place."

It's nearly impossible to go through an entire weekend
like this without being spoiled, if you haven't read
the books, though. We just want to make everyone aware
that there will be people who haven't been able to
read them, and there will be people who will be unable
to refrain from talking about them.

Thanks for your consideration,

The Nimbus - 2003 Team

2003-06-20 14:53:00; New LJ for Nimbus - 2003
LiveJournal claims that one of our staffers sent an email that was somehow linked back to the LiveJournal community. However, they suggested we set up a new LJ:


So go friend it if you want to subscribe to the updates.

2003-06-20 14:51:00; Nimbus - 2003 Lives!
Welcome to our New Live Journal. We'll post the archives here as soon as we're able.

Get new updates here periodically.
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